Kristi Tauti - Coach,Trainer, Mom, & Wife

Kristi has an easy going attitude but an intense commitment and drive for success.  This is portrayed in her training style, in the gym, and with her team.  Expectations are set high but only through Kristi’s complete passion for helping others reach their potential.

Born and raised in Dayton Oregon, Kristi is the middle child of 5 girls. This competitive family environment set the foundation for her career and success as an IFBB Professional Figure Athlete, giving her the mentality to train hard, push the limits, sweat it out, and get a little dirty.  She attributes all of this in helping her sculpt her physique. 

Kristi’s parents also raised her to have a strong faith and high standards.  This foundation has allowed her to always be true to herself and to lead by being a positive example in her daily life and with her family.  

Growing up Kristi didn’t think much of sitting still. and was always very active. In high school she participated in volleyball, basketball, softball and track. Due to her strong work ethic and athletic ability, she made the All State Teams in each of these sports.  In addition to athletics, she also played flute in the concert band, alto sax in jazz band, and sang in choir. 

After high school Kristi earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Sport Science at BYU in Hawaii.  It was here where she also met and married her husband Pati, and began her career in Figure Competitions.  After living Hawaii for 5 years, Kristi and Pati decided to start a family and moved back to Oregon where Kristi’s family is located.  Just two short weeks after moving to Oregon Kristi learned she was pregnant with her daughter Taliamalefiafia (Talia).



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  • International Physique Professionals (IPPA) Certified Physique Specialist (CPA)
  • IFBB PRO Figure Athlete
  • GNC Endorsed Athlete
  • NPC Figure/Bikini Coach
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Certified Sports Performance Nutrition Specialist
  • ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition (in process)
  • Bachelors Degree Exercise Sport Science- BYU- Hawaii

Featured In Magazines / Radio

  • Muscle Girls Radio Inc 2009
  • Muscle and Fitness Hers 2009 May
  • Muscle and Fitness Hers 2008 August
  • Muscle and Fitness 2004 December

Competition History

  • 2009 Olympia- 14th place
  • 2009 California Pro- 3rd Place- second **Olympia Qualification **
  • 2009 Border States 2nd Place- third **Olympia Qualification**
  • 2008 Sacramento Pro 6th Place
  • 2008 Olympia – NP
  • 2008 Jacksonville Pro- 6th Place
  • 2008 California Pro- 3rd Place- First **Olympia Qualification**


GNC Pro Performance Team Athlete


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Katie Foland  - Hair Stylist
John Foland  - Sports Chiropractor
Nancy Westbrook  - Personal Sponsor


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Team Trainer


Hannah is a Certified Personal Trainer who has been training clients with great success for more than two years. She has worked with 35+ clients ranging from 12 to 65 years of age, from beginning fitness levels to skilled athletes. Hannah was born in Portland, OR and grew up and graduated in Forest Grove. In high school she was a very active three sport athlete and was captain of multiple teams. Her true love was throwing the Javelin in track & field and the power and discipline required for that sport. It was that very sport that led her to weight training, making remarkable changes to her strength and agility. In 2007 she met Kristi Tauti and began her journey as a figure competitor. She is Kristi’s longest client and remains active in the sport, traveling all over the U.S. to compete. It is this long dedication to fitness that helps Hannah motivate her clients in and out of the gym. She understands that to talk the talk, you must walk the walk.


Team Trainer


David is an ACPT Certified Personal Trainer and a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute. He has a passion for helping clients reach their full potential through health and fitness. His extensive background in endurance sports enables him to understand the commitment it takes an individual to be successful in accomplishing any goal in life. His philosophy centers on motivating clients to find that hidden inner strength that everyone has, but may not know how to tap into. He uses positive motivation techniques, a good sense of humor and the ability to create a fun atmosphere to ease clients into a highly challenging environment that produces results. David has training experience with weight loss, strength, endurance, sports specific and group fitness training. He currently operates a high intensity bootcamp.